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    Liquor licenses in New Mexico are privileges controlled by the New Mexico Liquor License Control Act and interpreted by Rules and Regulations offering guidance, interpretation, or clarification of this Law. The Law is enforced by the Special Investigations Division of the Department of Public Safety. Ultimately, the administration of New Mexico Liquor Licenses is overseen by the New Mexico Alcohol and Gaming Division (“AGD”), a division of New Mexico Regulation and Licensing Department.

    In order to buy a liquor license, a prospective buyer must locate a license for sale, enter into a contract with an owner of a New Mexico liquor license and then apply for approval by AGD for the transfer of ownership and often times location of the liquor license. The new owner must also agree in writing to assume full liability for all taxes due or which may become due from the business engaged in operating the liquor license. There are numerous issues which arise in the purchase, sale, or lease of a New Mexico liquor license, prospective sellers, buyers, and lessees of liquor licenses. This is a very complex and time-consuming area of law that requires special expertise by attorneys and other professionals.

    The most important documents required for purchasing a liquor license are:

    • Purchase agreement
    • Approval from New Mexico Alcohol and Gaming Division
    • Certificate of good standing